Ecological and Economic Risks in the Joint Use of Water Resources of Border Rivers of Russia and Belarus


Yuri Mazhayskiy
Meshchersky branch All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrotechnics and Melioration named after A. N. Kostyakova, Russia
Lubov Hertman


The water availability of the territory is an important part of its economic potential. Global warming is accompanied by a reduction in water resources in a number of regions due to climate desertification. The water availability is reduced not only in arid regions; the water shortages can be also very sensitive in relatively humid places with a high level of economic water consumption. This problem is particularly acute in transboundary river basins, since it affects the interests of states - water users. In order to avoid interstate conflicts, the concept of noosphero genesis should be used. This can be achieved through the rational management of water resources in the basins of transboundary rivers on the basis of developed international agreements involving not only neighboring countries, but also third arbitration states. The basis of such agreements should be a water-saving policy aimed at taking into account mutual interests and compensation for environmental damage.

April 12, 2020