Risk Assessment of Cut Slope Failure Due to Heavy Rainfall by Machine Learning: Case Study on Expressway in Japan Based on Actual Damage Experiences


Nagao Kazuyuki
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., 100-8979, Tokyo, Japan
Sawano Koki
Nexco Engineering Tohoku, 980-0013, Sendai, Japan
Haga Natsumi
Tohoku University, 980-8579, Sendai, Japan
Kamura Akiyoshi
Tohoku University, 980-8579, Sendai, Japan
Kazama Motoki
Tohoku University, 980-8579, Sendai, Japan


There are many cut and fill slopes in expressway in Japan, because those are located at the mountain areas. Recently, due to heavy rainfall or large-scale earthquakes, the collapses of slopes on expressways have been seriously influenced to economic activities and daily lives (Nagao et al., 2019, Haga et al., 2019). Furthermore, about 40% of expressways network are over 30 years in service, and the deterioration risk becomes also higher than ever before. In this paper, we introduce the risk evaluation strategy of the cut slopes due to heavy rainfall based on actual damage data in Japan.

April 12, 2020