Basic Conditions for the Formation of Landslides in the Mountainous Part of the Chechen Republic


Rustam Gakaev
Chechen State University, 32, A. Sheripov Str., 364907, Grozny, Russia


The mountainous part of the Chechen Republic, despite its small territory, is characterized by a large degree of diversity of landscapes. By natural conditions, the mountainous part of the republic is divided into four main zones; mountain forest, subalpine, alpine and nival. According to the type of landscapes on: mountain forest, mountain meadow, mountain steppe, subnival and nival types and subtypes. The manifestation of slope processes in the mountainous part of the Chechen Republic depends on a number of conditions, the main of which are: geomorphological, climatic, hydrogeological and anthropogenic factors and conditions. Analyzing the course of the slope processes in various natural conditions, one can see that some of the conditions are determined by the regional features of the weathering processes, the nature and mode of precipitation, evaporation, etc.

April 12, 2020