Heuristic of Possible Risks of Traffic Lights Control


Zurab Gasitashvili
Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia
David Satseradze
Georgian Technical University, 0160, Tbilisi, st. M. Kostava 77, Georgia


Today, ecological problems in megalopolises acquire great importance. One of the major factors of the negative impact on the health of population becomes the air pollution caused by permanent traffic tams due to the growing intensity and number of vehicles. Obviously, the traffic regulation proves to have decisive significance. In order to solve these problems, various intellectual transportation systems have been designed with the purpose to seek and implement the most effective ways of traffic regulation. Each of these systems has its own facilities, methods and individual approaches based on mathematical and computer technologies. All these systems have one common denominator. This is traffic problem requiring solution for each single town. Namely, necessity of modeling the intensity of traffic and road network possibility to foresee and determine their further conditions. The solution of these problems takes several stages and needs working out of various types of mathematical models, as well as individual approach for each stage.

April 12, 2020