Risk Assessment and Safety of Technosphere Objects and Urban Territories for Siberia and Arctic


Ulyana Ivanova
Institute of computational technologies SB RAS,660049, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Vladimir Moskvichev
Institute of Computational Technologies SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk Branch Office, 660049, Krasnoyarsk, Russia


The Russian Federation has a huge territory, large part which is occupied by Siberia and Arctic. These regions have a strategically important economic potential for country. On these territories are concentrated large quantity of minerals (lead, platinum, coal, nickel, oil, gas, copper, gold, etc.) so the country’s sustainable development is connected with development and successfully functioning of Siberia and Arctic. Until 2020, there were two standards "Strategy socially-and-economically developed of Siberia" and "Strategy of developed for the Arctic zone and provide national safety" acted. These standards presented points for developing, justifying and realizing for events to dangers minimize by using risk-oriental approach. Hazards identification, risk calculation, analysis and minimization are base for sustainable development any territory. A territory is complex socio-natural-technogenic (S-N-T) system which is exposed of different risks.

April 12, 2020