Sustainable Service Quality can be a Reality - An Exploration


Rakesh Kumar Mishra
Feroz Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ratapur Crossing, Rae Bareli 22316


Smart phones are inevitable part of smart environments and must remain active ideally up to backup time claimed. However, phone's power often gets drained off much earlier than that of expected time. The draining of power in a phone in standby state is attributed to network sensing activity. Network sensing is mandatory to keep the phone connected with the network available and also keeps the hardware tuned for possible other app specific activities. Even phones with same SoC (System-on-Chip) exhibit different drain off time. Thus, question arises -- is network perceived by identical phones experience similar or different events. In this investigative pursuit two chosen smart phones were from two different vendors (Karbonn and Index), having similar chip-set from SpreadTrum. Both the phones equipped with the subscriber identity module (SIM) from identical operator pair. The phones were put on monitoring using ``NeSen App", designed specifically for experiment, for more than weeks time for duration of 8 hours daily. During the monitoring for the response towards the network changes, it is surprising that total reading count of event samples on one phone were lot more in comparison to the other.

ICICCAS20 Cover Page
July 29, 2020