An Automated Face Detection and Verification System Using Viola Jones Algorithm


A. Moshika
Alpha college of engineering and technology
Ramyadevi Iyyanar
Alpha college of engineering and technology
Janani Patchaipillai
Alpha college of engineering and technology
Nivisa Kalaimani
Alpha college of engineering and technology


In present situation most of the internet application are designed using Artificial Intelligence and it also act as a centre of new enterprise to build computational models of intelligence. Today, Frequent network safety mishaps expose the disadvantages of traditional identity authentication based on user IDs and passwords. To address the drawbacks of traditional identity authentication, the novel approaches enhance a rapid development in biometric identification technology in recent year. The existing method for face verification system is based on CNN representation and using cipher text by pallier cryptosystem and hamming distance techniques with elevated accuracy but it takes longer time for verification. In order to overcome these issues, the proposed approach detects the multiple user faces and it recognizes with the database trained multiple texture-based features using Voila Jones algorithm and DNN technique with Open CV library to identify the cluster and similar feature of face with accuracy for increasing the quality of face verification.

ICICCAS20 Cover Page
July 29, 2020