Extensive Detection of Sybil Attack using Spider Monkey Time Synchronization Technique in VANETs


Indhuja V
Alpha College of Engineering & Technology
Kowshika M
Alpha college of engineering college, Puducherry
Naveena K
Alpha college of engineering college, Puducherry
Purni V
Alpha college of engineering college, Puducherry


A VANET also known as Vehicular Ad-Hoc network, outlooks configuration pertaining to Mobile ad-hoc network, which offers communications between close by vehicles and also away from the fixed equipment, usually delineate as roadside equipment. VANETs agonize from almost all security disputes as similar to the wireless networks. Sybil attack is solitary the most dangerous coercions since it contravenes the essential supposition of VANETs-based solicitations. An innovative Sybil attack detection method based on Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), Voiceprint, to conduct a widely pertinent, lightweight and full-distributed detection for VANETs. Voiceprint is an operative method considering the cost, complexity and performance. And organically stimulate the spider monkey time synchronization (SMTS) technique for vast-scale VANETs to raise packet delivery time synchronization at minimized energy consumption.

ICICCAS20 Cover Page
July 29, 2020