Automation of Control System in Home Appliances using Voice Controller Application


Indhuja V
Alpha College of Engineering & Technology
Alpha College of Engineering & Technology
Alpha College of Engineering & Technology
Alpha College of Engineering & Technology


In today’s world, the Internet has enormous usage of IoT. It conceptualizes the idea of connecting and monitoring real-world objects through the network for developing and accessing devices in an easy way for almost everything. Among them, one of the representative fields of the IoT process is achieving a home devices controller using a home automation system by connecting several electrical home appliances to the network. The rise of this appeal of network to implement home automation is reaching a peak in recent days for its simplicity and proportionate affordability. A platform based on a network to connect things in a home of each appliance can be accessed anytime from anywhere in a user-friendly manner using custom-defined application.

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July 29, 2020