Cloud Computing in a Distributed Environment Implemented with Networking Technologies


S. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy
Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad
S. Laxmi Sunaina
Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad
Priyadarshini Chatterjee
Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad


With the advent of cloud computing, data can be distributed in remote servers. Data is distributed in remote servers instead of keeping all the data in the local server and principles of cloud computing are applied to all the servers that hold data. This paper uses a cloud simulator that works in a distributed environment using two server models that holds data of the Computer Science and Engineering department of our college. Then we apply dogma of cloud computing on the data present in the servers. A distributed cloud environment reduces overheads of communication, latencies, and costs by offering efficient storage resources and orderly computation. This paper tries a build a model of Networking as Service that gives a virtual and a flexible environment to the users for doing computation work. It also helps the users to dispatch their requirements using this virtual domain.

ICICCAS20 Cover Page
July 29, 2020