Educational Reforms with Special Reference to Teachers’ Sensitivity versus Quality Education in Primary School


Pratiksha Dixit
Rana International School, Amroha, U.P.
Usha Pathak
DAV (PG) College, Dehradun


This study will emphasize the importance of some tweaking, some fine-tuning, to ensure that if our teachers are more sensitive, our classroom teaching-learning process will become more effective, vibrant and child-centered. The current scenario of education especially in the field of primary education needs a lot of improvement specifically in regards to the academic achievement of the students. The area of major concern is the inability of a good number of school-going students in reading and in numerical aptitude as confirmed by the studies of ASER. Our main apprehension is if we will not bring the improvement and positive changes from the grass-root level i.e. in primary education strata, how we can expect quality education to be given to the students at the elementary level and higher education level.

January 16, 2020