Strengthening of Humans through Artificial Intelligence Training Programs


Saumya Sharma
The ICFAI University, Dehradun
Neeraj Aswal
The ICFAI University, Dehradun


Training has been concurrent with the human evolution. The more knowledge, skills and traits the human being has acquired over the ages, the better has been the training and its methodologies. In the gradual process of human upgradation, knowledge has been the vital ingredient and training has been a substantial catalyst to practice the acquired knowledge. The world today belongs to millennials and digitization. Human Intelligence is now promisingly leaned towards automation with higher degree of human-machine-digital collaboration. The successful marriage of human thoughts with digitization has brainchild a buzz word of Artificial Intelligence and has catalysed the co-working of human brain with digital machines. The varied fields of business viz. marketing, finance and even human resources have integrated Artificial Intelligence for effective performance and outcome.

January 16, 2020