Role of Indian Women in Making India a Developed Economy


Laxmi Negi
IMS Unison University Dehradun


The growth of women in India and the growth of India itself have been directly proportional. The way even after 73 years of India’s Independence, India is still carrying the tag of a developing nation and so the Indian women. There are many comparisons can be done between Indian economy and the deteriorating condition of Indian woman. The way India is having plenty of unutilized resources likewise Indian woman also has lots of potential to contribute in the inclusive growth of the country which is also being wasted.There are many social taboos which are drastically hampering the substantial growth of Indian women and so of the Indian Economy. Some of the social taboos are culture, religion societal norms and so on. Although with the passing of time Indian women are growing in various fields, nevertheless this cannot be denying the fact that this growth is still not inclusive and increasing rapidly. This research paper is an effort to bring forth the different barriers which hampers the productive growth of Indian women and their contribution in making India a developed country.

January 16, 2020