Identification of Key Drivers of Employee Engagement: A Chronological Review of Literature


Yuvika Singh
School of Management Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala, India.


From the last few years, employee engagement has become an important issue for any organization in both Public as well as the Private sector. Earlier the employees were considered as the strategic tools by an organization but today they are believed to be the strategic partners of that business. India not only diversifies in different geographical areas but also in human capital. Employee engagement is connected to various areas of concern which directly or indirectly affect the organization such as employee productivity, organizational culture, employee creativity, and employee performance and satisfaction level. This study explores the concept of engagement and identifies the key drivers which affect the employee engagement. So, some exclusive literature review is done on these drivers in this research paper. There is a possibility of variations in the factors in this paper due to differences in gender diversity, geographical area or ethnic diversity.

January 16, 2020