Ineffective Communication: The Root of Major Problems: A Case Study on Interdepartmental Conflicts


Hem Ritu Verma
Department of Management Studies, Bhimtal, (Constituent of Kumaun University, Nainital)
Apex Group of Institutions, Rampur, (Constituent of Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow)


The case highlights the issue of ineffective communication in Swiss University based in Delhi. The case revolves around Dr. Sanjay Sharma, who joined as an assistant professor in the management department of the university with expectations of high career goals. Also, he being personnel of professional attitude had expectations in that regard as well. It showcases how his expectations got a setback due to ongoing ineffectiveness in communication among departments. The case expatiates on his various experiences with Swiss University in the form of a story. It also throws light on how management handles the expectations of a new joinee and how its actions affect his morale and motivation towards his job. The worriment, anxiety and stress management of the employee also come under the peripheral. The spectrum of this case lies in the academic world and issues germane to it. It also gives a food for thought to all academicians to project on the options open and available to them to deal with such circumstances with focus on its possible repercussions. All characters mentioned in the work are altered so as to maintain the anonymity and integrity. Any resemblance to any person would merely be a coincidence.

January 16, 2020