POKEMON GO: A Virtual World with Real Cash Rewards


Monisha Bahuguna
DBGI Dehradun
Udit Nautiyal
Pankaj Chaudhary
DBIT Dehradun


Online gaming has revolutionized the way people use their cell phones. Features in cell phones to support latest games without hanging or any delay become one of the essential requirements now. And the arrival of latest technologies has added sugar in the delight. The augmented reality provides a new experience to its users. It has made their reality part of the gaming hyper reality. Media conglomerates are spending their time and money to explore more to harness the sophisticated technology in gaming industry. They are not just bringing new games in the market but reviving the old popular series to tap the established audience based. In this research paper, the researcher tried to harness that how gaming economy is getting diversified with latest technology and how they are generating tons of money through it. The researcher establishes the argument with the content analysis of ‘Pokemon Go’, a one of the most successful game in the history of world.

January 16, 2020