Developing a Leadership Pipeline


Anubha Maurya Walia
A419 Sarita Vihar New Delhi 110076


This paper focusses on what characteristics are required by leaders for creating New Leaders. For this study 108 sample respondents had been drawn out from senior and middle management of banks and financial institution. One-Way ANOVA and Regression analysis in SPSS 22.0 have evaluated the data for finding out whether there was any significant difference in the Oke (outlook, knowledge, expertise) and 4S (Self, Social, Strategic, Systematic skills required). It identifies the underlying of the current leadership skills exist and the need for a new leadership paradigm - shift from being the best in the world to the best for the world; a shift from what’s in it for me to what’s best for the common good; and a shift from “I” to “we” by emphasising on how existing leaders and organisation together can create new leaders in system. Limitations and direction of future research are discussed.

January 16, 2020