Education, Environmental Sustainability and Growth: Towards a Paperless Society


Ayushi Mittal
The ICFAI University, Dehradun
Neeraj Aswal
The ICFAI University, Dehradun


The “Era of Information Technology” has been incorporated into our systems in fields like education, environment, finance, market, researches to a degree as never witnessed before. It is in a way that is enabling the individuals, corporations and nation states to reach around the world faster, further, deeper and cheaper. Thus, making of the new economic rules revolve around opening, deregulation and privatization of the economy digitalisation is the only way through which will help us in conserving the environment not only for today but to have sustainability as paperless society is one ray of hope. Paper involves huge amount of water either to recycle or make the paper through bleaching or pulping. Hence, the researcher has the focus on promoting digital education as it will contribute in creating awareness to conserve and protect our environment and to have sustainability and avoid the misuse of paper as it in itself is one of the biggest reasons of deforestation.

January 16, 2020