Circular Economy Practices; An Approach to Green Leather Industry


Md. Abdul Moktadir
Institute of Leather Engineering & Technology, University of Dhaka , Bangladesh


The leather industry of Bangladesh plays a pivotal role in the country’s economic growth, but the wastes produced from the leather industry are very invasive for the environment. In the existing linear leather manufacturing practices, considerable wastes like tannery effluents, solid wastes and also scrap leathers are generated that are not being considered for reuse or recycle. These practices are responsible for polluting the environment along with the image of the Bangladeshi leather industry. Hence, converting linear to circular economy (CE) practices may help to achieve resource efficiency by minimizing waste throughout the leather supply chains. The CE is a business concept that involves the further use of materials in a restorative and regenerative manner, thereby extending the utility and value of the materials.

January 16, 2020