A Navigation Supporting System Using R-Tree


Arpitha Y C
Department of CSE, VVIET, MYSURU
Bhargavi A G
Department of CSE, VVIET, MYSURU
Mahima K T
Department of CSE, VVIET, MYSURU
Nagavi K K
Department of CSE, VVIET, MYSURU
Meenakshi H N
Department of CSE, VVIET, MYSURU


Searching or querying is a basic task carried out in the field of computer science. The task involves searching for the numbers, characters, string and many more. Due to increase in the deployment of computers in the various fields like Computer Aided Design(CAD), gaming, geo spatial science, graphics processing it has become important to search for the specific objects in a spatial image. This kind of spatial search is frequently used in CAD for limiting the data to be worked with, isolate the object and features and otherwise discover patterns in the data. It is used in searching electronic component in Printed Circuit Board(PCB) manufacturing. Further in GIS for extracting the desired data through spatial query which is a process of retrieving the data subset by directly working with the map features.

June 12, 2018
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