Measuring of Data Quality in KYC Using Anomaly Detection Techniques


Tejakshi N S
Department of Computer Science and Engineering GSSSIETW, MYSURU, INDIA
Vyshnavi M K
Department of Computer Science and Engineering GSSSIETW, MYSURU, INDIA
Manjuprasad B
GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women, Mysuru.


Intrusion detection has gain a broad attention and become a fertile field for several researches, and still being the subject of widespread interest by researchers. The intrusion detection community still confronts difficult problems even after many years of research. Reducing the large number of false alerts during the process of detecting unknown attack patterns remains unresolved problem. However, several research results recently have shown that there are potential solutions to this problem. Anomaly detection is a key issue of intrusion detection in which perturbations of normal behavior indicates a presence of intended or unintended induced attacks, faults, defects and others. This paper presents an overview of research directions for applying supervised and unsupervised methods for managing the problem of anomaly detection. The references cited will cover the major theoretical issues, guiding the researcher in interesting research directions.

June 12, 2018
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