Chapter 4: Electrical Transport Properties


Islam Uddin
Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia


In recent years, semi conducting nanostructures especially one-dimensional nanostructures have drawn a lot of attention due to their potential applications in nano devices. These 1D nanostructures have been found interesting due to their unique optical and electronic properties. Their importance as the building blocks for interconnects of transistors and junctions between metals and semiconductors, and tips of emitters has been recognized. A lot of reports on the whiskers and wires of III-V semiconducting nanostructures as well as the nanostructures of oxide semiconductors are available in the literature. Among the oxide semiconductor nanostructures studied so far, the nanostructures of ZnO have been the focal point of research. ZnO is an n-type material with a wide band gap of 3.3 eV.

August 23, 2019