Chapter 4: Study of Incremental Sheet Forming for Complex Shape and its Improvement


Nguyen Duc Toan
School of Mechanical Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology


To simulate the incremental sheet forming process of complex geometry shape e.g human face, values of (CL) data, which was generated from (CAM) simulation, has been automatically added and assigned to the (CAE) input file through MATLAB’s subroutine programming. To verify and improve process variables of incremental sheet forming process by using the finite element simulations, the tool radius, tool down step, and friction coefficient process variables was selected as main process variables and then investigated by the experiments. Commercial software (ABAQUS version 6.5, explicit formulation) was used for the simulation according to the orthogonal array of Taguchi’s method. As a result of the (FE) simulations based on the Taguchi orthogonal array, the tool down step (H) was identified as the important factors for improving the formability of the incremental sheet forming process. An improved parameter, consisting of a tool radius (R) of 4 mm, a tool down step (H) of 0.7 mm, and friction coefficient of 0.1 mm, were chosen to give the best results for proposed geometry, using incremental forming.

August 14, 2019