Performance Analysis of a Solar Driven Single Stage LiBr/H2O Absorption Refrigeration system


Islam Kamel Shahboun
Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Gharyan, Libya
Salem Omran Adeilla
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Higher Institute For Sciences and Technology, Libya


The solar-assisted combined ejector was configured with the basic cycle of solar absorption refrigeration system to evaluate the performance of this cycle which using LiBr/H2O as a working fluid and operating under steady-state conditions. In this paper, the improvement of the system is achieved by utilizing the potential kinetic energy of the ejector to enhance refrigeration efficiency. However, the first and the second law of thermodynamics are used to analyze the performance of a single -stage water-lithium bromide absorption refrigeration system (ARS), whereas some working parameters are varied. Moreover, a mathematical model based on the exergy method is introduced to evaluate the system performance, exergy loss of each component and total exergy loss of all the system components. As well as, Parameters connected with performance of the cycle–circulation ratio (CR), coefficient of performance (COP), exergetic efficiency are calculated from the thermodynamic properties of the working fluids at various operating conditions. In addition, Minimum generator temperature that required to operate the system was evaluated. The results showed that, the evaporator, condenser loads and post-addition of the ejector are found to be permanently higher than that in the basic cycle. As well as, The COP of the modified cycle is improved by up to 60 % compared with that in the basic cycle at the given condition.

November 30, 2018
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