A New Technique to Encrypt-Decrypt Digital Color Images Using One-Dimensional Matrix


Khdega A.Yosef Galala
Department of Computer Science, College of Education, Al Jufrah University


Due to digital technologies, the usage of images in modern industrial life is increasing rapidly. Therefore, the security of digital image has been a major issue in the modern digital world. Image encryption methods are one of the strong techniques recommended in this domain. These techniques try to convert an image to another image that is difficult to recognize and to understand. This art aims fundamentally to achieve the storage and transmission of image securely over the network. In this study a new image security technique is presented. As first step, the new technique extracts the red, green, and blue (RGB) components from the original color image. Then the XOR operation is used to change the RGB values of each pixel and then the RGB pixel positions are also changed randomly according to the key matrix. MATLAB R2012a was used to get the experimental results. The evaluation of this technique was done using some color images which differ in size and type. Simulation results show that, the performance of the proposed technique is high, and the original image was retrieved without any distortion.

November 30, 2018
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