Pressure Transient Analysis By Using Ms. Excel Sheet And Computer Programming


Essa M Tabar
Department of Petroleum, College of Engineering, Sirte University, Libya
Ali Omran Nasar
Department of Petroleum, College of Engineering, Sirte University, Libya
Tariq Basher
Department of Petroleum Engineering, College of Engineering, Sirte University, Libya


Paper shows an effective using of two programs (MS Excel and computer programming) to analysis the pressure build up test data. The programs were used to determine the best infinite-reservoir acting by the relationship which between the shut-in pressure and logarithm of the shut-in time. The purpose of well test analysis is to identify the type of reservoir involved and to determine the parameters of the reservoir quantitatively. Data from one well, has been analyzed by application of modern well-test analysis techniques, such as derivative analysis and computer programming, in addition to the conventional log-log and semi-log methods, and then double check by using Type curve matching. MS Excel sheet and computer programming are using to identify: Wellbore storage effect, Middle time region “ straight line”, Late time region “ boundary effect”, and then calculate the permeability and skin factor. The results of two programs shows that the well is located near a sealing fault. Hence, they indicate that Horner method is the most accurate than derivative methods.

November 30, 2018
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