CO2 Corrosion Inhibitor Assessment Using Various Measurement Techniques In Oilfield


Abdelrazag Aziz
Department of Chemical and Petroleum, College of Engineering, Elmergib University, Libya


Tests and evaluation studies were conducted to select the best performance and treating rich carbon dioxide fluid composition associated with crude oil are produced. The experiments include standard electrical resistance probe for direct corrosion monitoring technique, and inspection by using an ultrasonic test to assess corrosion inhibitor. The improvement process for chemical treatments development requires an effective strategy. The effective process for field testing inhibitor required twenty -four days to determine inhibitor performance and verifying minimum effective concentration. The standard electrical resistance probe with changeable dosage test was utilized. Ultrasonic testing one of the most widely used non-intrusive techniques is applied to measure of localized corrosion. Measurement apparatuses are adequate systems for monitoring of treatment efficiency.

November 30, 2018
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