Antenna Elevation Control Using Multiple Switched Self-Tuning Controllers Design


Ahmed M Alnajeh
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Applied Research and Development Center, Tripoli, Libya.
Othman E Aburas
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Alkhoms , Elmergib University, Libya.
Youssef Amer Arebi
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Advanced Center of Technology, Tripoli, Libya.


Adaptive controllers have a lot of advantages over conventional ones, especially when the model of the plant to be controlled is unkn own or changes with time. This paper proposes a control scheme for multiple adaptive Self-Tuning Pole-Placement controllers using both the classical technique via transfer function and the modern technique using discrete state-space. This approach enables the user to switch between the classical and modern techniques in order to control the estimated plant model on-line; the switching mechanism ensures a smooth transition amongst the two pole-placement controllers. The performance of the proposed control scheme on the closed-loop performance of an antenna system, controlling its elevation, is demonstrated. Simulation results demonstrating the effectiveness of the switching mechanism between different controllers are presented. A Graphical User Interface is built to facilitate the controller programming and allowing the simulation of multiple adaptive controllers.

November 30, 2018
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