Optimal Power Loss Minimization Using Optimal Size And ‎Location Of Shunt ‎Capacitors, And Dg


Hesain Milad Alfrd
Department of Electrical &Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Elmergib University, Libya


One of the biggest problems that face the electric distribution network is the power losses, which could be reduced for obtaining a good voltage improvement. Two effective case studies have been used to minimize the power losses; a conventional case study which could be represented by installing Shunt Capacitors, and a modern case study which could be represented by installing Distributed generators (DG).This paper presents effective approaches, to obtain the optimal size and location of each of Shunt Capacitors, and DG, based on Newton Raphson Numerical Method. The first approach proposes load flow, and the second approach proposes optimal load flow. A Libyan distribution network was chosen for the discussion and analysis.

November 30, 2018
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