Micro Gas Turbine Simulation And Control


Ibrahim Ahmed El-Sharif
Instrument department, General electrical company of Libya, GECOL, Khoms, Libya
Mahmoud Mansour El- Fandi
Electrical and electronic engineer, Faculty of engineering, Tripoli-university, Tripoli, Libya


Gas turbines are widely used in power generation plants due to their compactness, fast start-stop sequences, and their applications, and...etc. A split shaft micro-turbine mechanical model is used. Three main controllers for three different loops have been designed and discussed. MATLAB/Simulink environment is used to represent the mechanical model for Micro-turbine spilt shaft. A speed PID controller, exhaust temperature PI controller, and mechanical & electrical power PID controller all have been designed with MATLAB/Simulink. Compensators have also been used instead of PI and PID controllers which had been used for three systems. A comparison between PI, PID controllers, and its corresponding compensator have been done through this research. At last a supervisory controller for three systems has been done. A MIMO system - Multi-Input Multi-Output -will be reduced to a SISO system - Single-Input Single-Output - during system design.

November 30, 2018
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