A Novel Chaotic Uniform Quantizer For Speech Coding


Osama A. S. Alkishriwo
Department of Electrical and Electronic Eng., College of Eng., University of Tripoli, Libya


Quantization is an essential step in the analog-to-digital conversion process and it is very important in all modern telecommunication systems. In this paper, a novel chaotic uniform quantizer is proposed and its application for speech coding is presented. The proposed system consists of three stages: two PCM coders separated by an XOR operation with a chaotic sequence, where the first step is used for continuous signal sampling and second stage performs data encryption, while the third stage provides additional data compression. The performance of the presented quantizer for Laplacian distributed signals and real speech signals is investigated and compared with that of the well-known uniform and non-uniform quantizers. Simulation results show that the proposed quantizer provides secured data with higher levels of SQNR compared to others.

November 30, 2018
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