Building English Vocabulary Schema And Words Retention Using Review Value Calculation For English As Secondary Language Students


Burnhan Mustafa Tanis
AMA University - School of Graduate Studies
Melvin A. Ballera
Technological Institute of the Philippines - Manila
Mosbah Mohamed Elssaedi
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Sirte University - Libya


Vocabularies, the core of any language, is probably the most challenging and time consuming part of learning a foreign language in a diverse and disperse community of learners. This study proposes an approach that can help a learner build up his/her English vocabulary volume by intensive article reading, the inclusion of Google Cloud Natural Language API and Glosbe Dictionary API, the use of review value calculation computing technique. The review vale calculation were able to determine the number of days were the new words should be reviewed and be part of the long-term memory. Result shows that students were able to increase their words acquisition skills by applying technology and computing. Students were able to retain words fast and understand better, by employing an interactive monitoring process. If the system will be implemented carefully, it is hypothetically produce a faster technique in acquiring new vocabularies for foreign students.

November 30, 2018
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