Interplay Amid Green Knowledge Acquisition, Green Knowledge Sharing, and Corporate Sustainable Performance


Nauman Majeed
Lahore Garrison University, 54810 Lahore


There is a never-ending debate on the effective incorporation of traditional and advanced production methods even though organizations around the globe have started to understand the importance of greening the environment to achieve sustainable performance. Conceptual and empirical progress has failed to keep up with growing industry interest in different green constructs. Persistent with the limited knowledge, many organizations are still incorporating traditional production methods and are harming the environment. Alerts of concerns are high for an immediate action plan which is to be addressed in this study with the purpose to investigate how firms can turn knowledge acquisition and information sharing into an asset through a mediation of green creativity and green innovation that fosters sustainable innovations to influence corporate sustainable performance. The information was gathered from 374 managers of small, medium, and large manufacturing and service enterprises. Collected data were analyzed through the Smart PLS 4.0. This study highlighted the significance of Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Acquisition to policymakers, suggesting that various institutions must acknowledge the value of knowledge in enhancing Green Creativity and Green Innovation in order to improve Corporate Sustainable Performance.

February 9, 2024