Qualitative Study of Shariah- based Quality Management System MS 1900 Implementation at Pahang Zakat Collection Center, Malaysia


Musaiyadah Ahmadun
Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies, UiTM, Sabah Branch, 88997 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Siti Arni Basir
Academy of Islamic Studies, Universiti Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur
Osman Md Rasip
Academy of Islamic Studies, Universiti Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur


MS 1900, a Shariah -Based Quality Management System was the first of its kind to be launched in Malaysia back in 2005. This management system has been implemented in various servicing sectors including the zakat management sector. However, to date, empirical studies on the implementation of this management system in the Zakat Center are still scarce. Therefore, this qualitative study aims to explore the implementation procedure of the MS 1900 Quality Management System in Pahang Zakat Collection Center, Malaysia. In this qualitative study, the Pahang Zakat Collection Center, Malaysia was selected as the organisation for the case study. Semi-structured interviews with Top Management Officers, Shariah Officers, and Quality Management Officers were conducted as the main data collection instrument. In addition, data also were collected by utilising document review and observations. Research data were analysed by using the thematic analysis method through the use of ATLAS.ti software version 7. The study found that ten measures have been used by the Pahang Zakat Collection Center to implement the MS 1900 Syariah-Based Quality Management System effectively. The measures identified by the study are management’s commitment, resource management, the establishment of quality management representatives, the establishment of SPK MS 1900 working committee, training program, service realization, management review meeting, internal audit, external audit, and continuous improvement. Findings from this study could contribute to the development of literature concerning the implementation of the Syariah -Based Quality Management System, MS 1900 in Malaysia zakat centers. To add, most of the previous studies focused on systems established by the western. Thus, this study brings forward the existence of the Shariah-Based Quality Management System that emphasises the halal-haram aspects and value-based management.

February 9, 2024