Marketing in the Era of Metaverse


Megha S
Department of Business Administration, SNIT Adoor
Anju P
Department of Business Administration SNIT Adoor
Department of Business Administration, SNIT Adoor


In the last ten years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, growth of digital socialization has dramatically increased. The concept of the met averse, a virtual parallel world where people& lives might be digitally copied, is emerging quickly as a result of Meta’s expanding digital revolution. Users in the met averse have their virtual personas represented by avatars in assimilated online community. Based on user choices and interactions, these virtual worlds continue to develop and expand. The met averse is yet another venue for people who enjoy collecting stuff to display their passions. Despite the fact that there are guiding principles that might guide the kinds of techniques used, the met averse is still a relatively unexplored platform that offers lots of opportunity for experimentation. The purpose of Met averse is to increase consumer engagement while delivering a seamless brand experience. Virtual reality, 3D, and artificial intelligence may be used to provide captivating and successful advertising for the younger generation in this new digital environment. A number of businesses have started working together strategically to introduce their products in the Metaverse. Metaverse has become a main goal for major corporations like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google in order to be at the forefront of creating this ground-breaking creation. With the intention of “bringing the met averse to life,” Face book even changed its name to Meta. The prospect of the met averse is currently more real than hypothetical. This study is carried out to throw light on how Metaverse is transforming marketing scenario.

December 22, 2023
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