Challenges Faced by Start-Ups in India


Aswathy Soman
Department of Business Administration SNIT, Adoor
Noufiya N
Department of Business Administration SNIT, Adoor
Ahalya A
SNIT, Adoor


We are aware that there are numerous start-ups presently putting forth numerous ideas. However, they will encounter numerous difficulties when starting their business. Numerous obstacles prevent Indian start-ups from growing and succeeding. The biggest obstacles include a lack of sufficient funding, legal restrictions, infrastructure problems, a talent shortage, fierce competition, the protection of intellectual property, and cultural and linguistic barriers. Start-ups may find it challenging to establish a presence in the market, acquire traction, and expand their business as a result of these obstacles. Start-ups must be creative, adaptable, and resilient in their approach to surmount these obstacles, and they must seek assistance from the government, investors, and industry professionals. A supportive ecosystem that promotes innovation and development is necessary to address these issues. Start-ups can improve their chances of success and lay a solid basis for growth and innovation by comprehending these issues and devising solutions. The most crucial aspect determining whether Indian entrepreneurs succeed or fail is innovation.

December 22, 2023
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