Electric Billing System using IoT and Blockchain


Sumi Mary Shibu
Wireless Technology College of Engineering Kidangoor Kottayam, India
Shilpa S Prasad
Electronics and Communication Engineering College of Engineering Kidangoor Kottayam, India


Electricity has become an indispensable part of the contemporary lifestyle and we cannot imagine a world without it. Through this project, we aim to raise awareness about the need for a more energy- friendly utilization of electrical appliances to prevent the misuse of energy. Also, it addresses the issue of data security, which has paramount importance in the present scenario. Currently, there exist many methods for meter reading and billing systems. Reading of meters by the officials, and smart meters based on IoT and GSM are some of them but have several disadvantages. Therefore, we put forward a novel idea combining the advantages of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and IoT, which automates the entire system by providing assured security to the stored data. Blockchain is a decentralized, unalterable platform for recording information that prevents any hacking, or manipulation of stored data. Incorporating blockchain in the project enhances the credibility, transparency, and traceability of the processes, thus making this idea unique. The system we intend to implement enables live status monitoring, provides information regarding the number of units consumed, and facilitates payment. Also, it brings down the dependency on the employers to fetch the reading and thereby minimizes the errors that may arise throughout the process of billing. The advantage of this system is that a user can check the power consumed by the electrical appliances in real-time and can take further steps to control the overuse of energy, thus guaranteeing energy conservation. This project primarily aims at developing a completely automated electric meter billing system that would ensure the complete security of the data.

December 22, 2023
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