A Study on Soil Sample to Evaluate the Suitability for Rammed Earth Construction


Abhirami Suresh
Department of Civil Engineering, Sree Narayana Institute of Technology


As man has realized sustainable practices to be followed for his sustenance on the planet Earth, alternatives to conventional practices are in research in every field. Global Status Report 2021 by the UNEP reported that 37% of global carbon emissions are from the construction sector. Here, the study focuses on the earthen construction method, particularly on Rammed Earth, which has been practiced worldwide since time immemorial. It is an energy-efficient, low-carbon embedded, and sustainable approach that is being researched and practiced worldwide to meet emission targets. Earthen building construction is not well practiced in many countries, India being a part, more studies have to be made on prevailing conditions of socioeconomic as well as engineering factors. The paper presents a comprehensive study on materials used for rammed earth construction, Tests to be done for both material and rammed earth specimens, Construction aspects, and a study on locally available soil to assess its viability for rammed earth construction. It also discusses the studies to be made to popularize the same to society as a sustainable alternative construction method and practice the same.

December 22, 2023
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