Cloud Computing and Security Issues in the Cloud


S. Renilda
Department of Computer Application, Auxilium College of arts and science for women


Security for cloud computing is another term for cloud security. It is the set of strategy, innovation, applications, and control utilized for virtual infrastructure which includes hardware, software, and application. Database security, web security, network security, etc. are all closely connected fields. Cloud computing has formed the theoretical and infrastructural b0asis for tomorrow’s computing. The global computing infrastructure is swiftly moving towards cloud based architecture. While it's crucial to use cloud computing to its full potential by implementing it in a variety of deploying it in diversified sectors, the security aspects in a cloud based computing environment remains at the core of interest. A new sector of business has emerged as a result of the evolution of cloud-based services and service providers are being evolved which has resulted in a new business trend based on cloud technology. With the introduction of sources of cloud based services and geographic disseminate cloud service providers, sensitive information of different entities are normally stored in remote servers and locations with If the cloud servers holding the data are compromised, there is a chance that they will be exposed to unauthorized parties. This essay provides a summary of cloud computing fundamentals and security concerns related to this paper presents a review on the cloud computing concepts as well as security issues inherent within the context of cloud computing and cloud infrastructure.

October 19, 2023