Cyber Security to Prevent Cyber Threat Using Triple DES Algorithm


B. Roobashri
Department of Computer Science, Auxilium College of Arts & Science for Women, Regunathapuram


Cyber security is the practice of defiance, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyber attacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; bribery money from users via crptovirus normal business processes.  Cyber threats can lead to ambush on computer systems, networks and more. Cyber threats have 8 type of threat. In this process we identify man in the middle (MITM) threat. In existing system MITM cyber attacks pose a serious threat to online security because they give the assaulter the ability to capture and manipulate perceptive personal information -- such as login credentials, account details or credit card numbers in real we used to product our data using RSA algorithm in existing system. This algorithm not satisfied our MITM threat the triple des algorithm. The Triple DES encipher process Triple DES operates in three steps: encipher - decipher - encipher (EDE). It works by taking three 56-bit keys (K1, K2 and K3) known as a key package and mix (up) first with K1, descramble next with K2 and mix (up) a last time with K3.

October 19, 2023