Security Threats in Cloud Computing-Data Breaches


M. Sowmiya Saliq
Department of Computer Application, Auxilium College of Arts and Science, Regunathapuram


One of the most significant cloud security threats is data breaches, which transpire when unaccredited parties access, slink, or exhibit Tactful or privileged data stored in the cloud. Data breaches can out turn from nasty ambush, human blunder, or system in jeopardy. They can have severe momentousness for the data owners, such as pecuniary mislaying, notoriety harm, legitimate burden, or executive sanction. To prevent data breaches, you should cipher your data both in conveyance and at rest, use brawny watchword and multi-factor validation, implement access control approach and check list, Use DES algorithm and monitor your cloud territory for any skeptical activities.

October 19, 2023