When Organizational Culture And Climate Stimulate Our Creativity And Accelerate Innovation


Marcel A. van der Ven


Purpose –  Methods and techniques help us foster creativity and accelerate innovation. But it isn’t helpful if the environment does not motivate, is not safe and does not offer support?

This article shows managers how their attitude and behaviour influence the innovation climate in a team or an organization. A method with twelve clarifying perspectives enables the reader to create an innovation climate in his own team or organization that stimulates creativity and accelerates innovation.

Design/methodology/approach – This article brings science to the workplace. It is a summary of the recent published book Innovatiekracht; over organisatiecultuur en hoe mensen het verschil maken. (see references). In this book, 35 years of experience in leading creative teams is enriched with the results of more than 200 scientific studies on attitude and behaviour of people in organizations. Concepts that are as unambiguous as possible have been developed that are recognizable and influenceable for a manager in practice. The key question was “what is the cause of this?”. Once that question remained unanswered, only the essence of what drives people to behave innovatively within an organization remained.

Originality/value – Much has been written about the influence of culture and climate in organisations, but never so specific and measurable in relation to creativity and innovation. What makes the method especially valuable is, on the one hand, the perceptual framework that is provided with which managers can interpret situations and, on the other hand, a common language is available for communicating about something as difficult to grasp as the organizational culture.

December 18, 2023
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