A Systemic Approach to Building an Innovation Culture: A Case Study


Luc De Schryver
O2c2 Consulting,Osseghemstraat 31 b25, 1080 Brussels
Jan Lahuis
Parktheater Eindhoven,Theaterpad 1, 5615 EN Eindhoven


Purpose – Parktheater Eindhoven (PTE) wants to become an organization that constantly reinvents and rediscovers itself.  It wants to manage the expected growth in both the core business of theater performances and the soft core businesses of impact social and cultural education by working (and thinking) differently.

Design/methodology/approach – To make sure there would be a sustained impact and a successful transformation the authors used a systemic approach to help transform PTE into an innovative organization.  The four main elements of this approach are Person, Process, Press and Product.  The approach was based on scientifically based, proven methodologies.

The intervention started with the assessment of the organizational climate for creativity, innovation and change.  Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of this organizational climate was crucial in planning the change initiative.  Problem-solving styles were used to clarify individual preferences and why collaboration sometimes leads to decreased trust or increased conflict.

The third element of the intervention was to ensure the organization had the necessary capabilities to initiate and manage creativity. 12 coworkers were trained to become CPS facilitators.

Finally, we are focusing on coaching the leadership team (based on the result of the SOQ climate assessment ). Leadership plays after all an important role in the creation of an innovative organizational climate.

Originality/value – The systemic approach allows PTE to develop into a dynamic organization that offers a varied and attractive program, develops new cultural products, undertakes numerous social projects, supports many cultural partners and seeks cooperation with more and more cultural and non-cultural partners.  PTE has the potential to evolve in the near future into a platform where theory and practical application of creativity are brought together. During 2023, PTE employees trained in CPS will also facilitate projects or challenges outside PTE.

December 18, 2023
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