Going Beyond Facilitating Large-Group, Creative Problem-Solving Forums: A Case Study on Project Development in Tourism


Carla Sofia G Machado
University of the Algarve / CinTurs / APGICO (Portuguese Association for Creativity and Innovation)
Fernando C Sousa
APGICO (Portuguese Association for Creativity and Innovation)
Ileana Monteiro
University of the Algarve / APGICO (Portuguese Association for Creativity and Innovation)
Joao Pissarra
ISCTE - Higher Institute of Labor and Business Sciences, Lisbon, Portugal
Antonio Juan Briones Penalver
University of Cartagena, Spain / CinTurs


With the purpose of understanding what happens during the “black box” of project execution, the authors decided to stay in charge of the whole project, instead of handing over the task to a designated coordinator. After a creative problem-solving forum, aiming at developing competences appropriate for the low season, in local tourism entrepreneurs of a Northern District of Portugal, five projects were planned. During project execution, first by maintaining contact with the five team leaders, and then by contacting directly every participant, it was possible to know the reasons for maintaining or giving up participating in the project. This procedure may provide new perceptions of project execution success probability, when everything seems to be lost, and gives us opportunities for the learning necessary for project management procedures, which must be regarded after problem-solving forums.

December 18, 2023
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