Education of Raja Manta (Gerakan Jajanan Aman dan Sehat) to Promote and Achieve Healthy Indonesia 2025


Yekti Asih Purwestri
Department of Biology, Faculty of Biology, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Dini Wahyu Kartika Sari
Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Tri Rini Nuringtyas
Department of Biology, Faculty of Biology, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Fita Nilasari
Department of Biotechnology, Graduate School, Universitas Gadjah Mada


The variety of safe and healthy snacks for elementary school students still challenges parents and teachers. The lack of knowledge about safety and healthy snacks among students raises concerns, especially regarding their health. Students often buy delicious snacks that have a flashy color without knowing the safety level of the snacks. Lack of parental and teacher control and the unavailability of school canteen facilities are why students buy snacks randomly. One of the ways to improve awareness for elementary school students is through educational activities related to health and safety snacks. It is essential to deliver educational activities to increase awareness to influence impulsive behavior in choosing healthier and safer snacks. Education of Raja Manta (Gerakan Jajanan Aman dan Sehat/Safe and Healthy Snacks Movement) to promote and achieve Healthy Indonesia 2025 is one of the initiatives to increase awareness regarding selecting healthy and safe snacks for elementary school students. This activity collaborates with SDN Sukosari and SDN Seloharjo, located in Kapanewon Ngaglik, Kalurahan Sukoharjo, Sleman Regency, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. This activity is also in collaboration with Poklasar Usaha Mulia Niki Ulam. Niki Ulam is a Small and Medium Enterprise/Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) that produces healthy food based on processed fish. The educational activity was held indoors, followed by outdoor activities through various educational posts. Indoor activities include interactive education about the function of food for the body, rules for washing hands, and food ingredients, checking expiration dates on food, daily water needs, and proper disposal of food waste. The educational post explains how to distinguish healthy and unhealthy snacks, simple tests on food, make healthy snacks, introduce traditional foods, natural and artificial food dyes, and educational puzzle games for healthy snacks and healthy lifestyles. Through this activity, students learn about healthy and unhealthy snacks, how to choose healthy snacks, and support and promote Healthy Indonesia 2025 by creating a healthy and intelligent young generation.

October 10, 2023
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