Pro-Climate Tourism Development Plan and Institutional Strengthening in The Coastal Area of Poncosari Village


Andung Bayu Sekaranom
Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Ambar Kusumandari
Faculty of Forestry, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada


The construction of Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) and the Southern Cross Road can potentially improve the community's economy through tourism activities. On the other hand, it caused uncontrolled development on the south coast of Yogyakarta. Increased tourism activities in the form of tourism-supporting facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, and other land conversions, can potentially impact environmental degradation. This degradation is reflected mainly in the form of rising temperatures and problems with water resources. This activity is one form of effort to develop the tourism sector in the Poncosari village as well as coastal conservation. The main focus of this activity is spatial planning of coastal tourism in the coastal village of Poncosari, which is oriented towards pro-climate tourism and strengthening of pro-climate institutions at the village level in supporting the coastal tourism sector of Poncosari village. The activity resulted in coastal spatial zoning facilitating several functions, including family tourism zones, cruising tours, camping tours, support zones, and protected zones. Family tourism zones are focused on border tourism, while cruise tours cover a broader and longer area consisting of various tourist attractions accompanied by bicycle and electric scooter routes. The campsite tourism zone is focused on areas that are more protruding inland so that they are protected from strong winds and accompanied by camping support facilities. The supporting zone is focused on culinary tourism and displaying MSME products in Poncosari Village. Meanwhile, the protected zone is focused on environmental conservation, especially turtles. The village government also supported the development of coastal tourism in Poncosari Village through a tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis) at the village level.

October 10, 2023
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