Physiotherapy Guidelines for Patients with Eating Disorder


Probst Michel
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, KU Leuven


Physiotherapy is often overlooked as an adjunctive treatment for patients with weight, eating and trauma related disorders. However, the integration of physiotherapy is based on the physiotherapists’ experience in both the body and the body in movement, two important issues integral to these pathologies. This presentation presents practical guidelines for physiotherapeutic management (anamnesis, assessment and therapy) in primary care. These recommendations are based upon more than 35 years of clinical experience and the available evidence based research.

Most of the physiotherapists are not familiar with these problems and physiotherapy is often overlooked.

The purpose of this workshop is to propose a clinical framework for physiotherapy in primary care.

Based on the literature and 35 years of experience.

Physiotherapy consists of a lot of important tools that can to integrated in the treatment of these pathologies

Physiotherapy, as an adjunctive treatment, can have an important positive influence on the treatment of these pathologies.

November 30, 2022