Early Mobility: A Preventing Strategy to Post Intensive Care Syndrome


Patsaki Irini
Department of Physiotherapy, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece


Survival of critically ill patients has improved in the last years due to advances in critical care medicine and technologies. Some of these survivors often develop cognitive, psychiatric and /or physical disabilities. These are now recognized as post intensive care syndrome (PICS). Given the limited awareness about PICS in the medical faculty this aspect is often overlooked, thus leading to reduced functional ability and quality of life. In the last few years efforts have been directed towards preventing PICS by minimizing sedation and early mobilization of ICU patients. Early mobility along with the use of new innovative technologies such as Immersive Reality have shown to have promising and beneficial effect in depression, anxiety and Post traumatic stress disorder. Nowadays due to COVID pandemic and the increased number of patients being admitted in the ICU, the incorporation of preventing strategies in the daily care of critically ill patients is of great importance.

November 30, 2022