The Role of The Psychiatrist in the Interdisciplinary Team


Gkouvas Nikolaos
Hellenic Psychiatric Assosiation, Greece


Mental health is one of the key factors that contribute to the quality of life for patients with issues under Physiotherapy treatments. The role of psychiatry in the interdisciplinary team seems very crucial on providing solutions in patients that their mental health is the barrier for a quick and healthy recovery, either because they have anxiety about the outcome of their treatment, or because they already suffer from depression or other disorders that are met in more than 25% of the general population. Physiotherapy is a crucial part of the treatment for many patients with depression that are not active in day-to-day operations, don’t walk, stay in bed due to melancholy, or refuse to participate in their own life. All members of the interdisciplinary team and new approaches are needed to help those patients. A Psychiatrist can be effective using those new approaches through innovative technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Virtual Reality (VR), or telepsychiatry tools are giving new data and ways of understanding and treat mental health disorders, making the Psychiatrist a key member of the team.

November 30, 2022