Basic Body Awareness Therapy in Clinical Practice - Reflections Here-and-Now and for the Future


Danielsson Louise
Sweden Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, University of Gothenburg


Basic body awareness therapy (BBAT) has been used in Scandinavian physiotherapy for more than 40 years and is now practiced in many other countries worldwide. While fundamental principles and movements are still well rooted in the traditional methodology, new challenges in society, changes in health care and research call for a continuous development and reflection on the clinical practice of BBAT. The aim of this presentation, which is part of a Round Table discussion about BBAT, is to give an overview and practical examples of how the method is currently being used in clinical practice. Focus will be mainly on mental health in primary health care and pain rehabilitation from a Swedish perspective. The presentation will be based around narrations of clinical examples, connected to evidence and clinical experience. The presentation will provide thoughts and forecasts into possibilities and difficulties with clinical practice of BBAT of today and suggest pathways for the future. BBAT in clinical practice will also be discussed linked to other movement modalities such as physical exercise and to recent developments in health care, focusing on person-centered care and digital rehabilitation. The presentation will hopefully inspire to a Round table discussion among participating conference delegates about the development and future of BBAT in different countries and clinical settings.


November 30, 2022